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Ultra Fiord 100M

Chile, Puerto Natales

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Route Design, exploration, clearing, cleaning, and marking.
Support Staff and Medical Team during the Race
First Aid, Search, Rescue, and Evacuation Teams
Aerorescue Insurance (Click for more details) – A private, multipurpose helicopter, based in the race zone, especially set aside for prevention and possible rescues in justified, emergency situations.
Ground and/or sea transportation from Plaza de Armas en Puerto Natales towards the Starting Lines (100M, 100K, 70K, 50K, 42K, 30K & VKM).
Ground transportation from Plaza de Armas in Puerto Natales towards the Starting Lines (100M, 50K & 30K).
Ground and/or sea transportation from the Finish Lines to Plaza de Armas in Puerto Natales (100M, 100K, 70K, 50K, 42K, 30K & VKM).
Ground or sea transportation in case of evacuations or race withdrawals.
Hydration and food stations along the course route and at the Finish Line.
Control points in strategic areas
Official Runners Shirt ULTRA FIORD® 2019
Official Elastic Cylindrical Headband ULTRA FIORD® 2019
Official Race Number and Race Passport
Official bags for Drop Bags (100M, 100K, 70K, 50K, 42K & 30K).
Finisher’s medal
Medal for Category/Overall Winners (Please see General Rules for distance-specific awards
PDF Documents: Rules and Regulations, Runner’s Guide, Race Map, Elevation Profile with aid stations and control points
Mandatory Equipment

The following list of articles and equipment is mandatory, and each item must be carried at all times:

Runner number
Runner Passport (For check at Starting Line, PAS, PC, and Finish Line)
Backpack or Bag with enough capacity to carry all the necessary equipment
Containers to hold at least 0.5 liters of water
Personal, Non-disposable cup
Two headlights with batteries (30K: Not Mandatory)
LED light to be used on backpack or back – ONLY for 100-Mile and 100K Runners
Survival blanket (minimum size 140 x 200 cm)
Reserve nutrition
Protective eyewear for sun, winds, and/or snow
Spikes or crampons without front points (To be used in the glacier zone in the Paso Byron section)(ONLY for 42K, 70K, 100K y 100M) MANDATORY from PAS Hosteria Balmaceda until PAS Ruta Milodón for 100M, 100K, and 70K).
Waterproof and breathable jacket with hood
Synthetic thermal jacket, minimum 167g of synthetic filling, recommended to be greater than 300g (recommended filling: Primaloft, Coreloft, Thermoball, or equivalent).
Thermal long-sleeved shirt
Long pants, runner’s choice (Running tights or other that both covers the entire leg and fulfills the function of reducing lose of body heat in windy conditions).
Hat that covers entire head
Thermal gloves with wind protection
Basic first aid that at least includes the following elements:
Two sterile bandages (10cm x 10cm)
Adhesive bandage (3cm x 50cm long)
Elastic bandage (6cm x 60cm long)
Saline (2 x 5ml)
5 Steri-Strips for skin closure on minor cuts (replace stitches)
Personal medication (i.e.: Advil, Ibuprofen, or other.)
NOTE: Remember that each item listed in the mandatory equipment list is the minimum required, and is subject to inspection at any time by the members of the organization. Do not risk being given a penalty or being disqualified. The mandatory equipment is fundamental for both your security and comfort during the race, so please be responsible for yourself. Selecting and evaluating each piece of equipment is the Runner’s responsibility.

Recommended Equipment

Trekking poles (From Hostería Balmaceda to Estancia Perales / Ruta Milodón)
Climbing / Cycling helmet for the mountain pass between Hostería Balmaceda and Estancia Perales / Ruta Milodón) (According the runner’s experience and criteria).
Map and elevation profile with route details (can be runner’s own diagram)
Windbreaker (Does not replace waterproof jacket)
Additional outer and inner layer of clothing
Knife or pocketknife
GPS watch
Operating mobile phone, only for the 100K and 100 Miles distances, to use from PAS Estancia Perales, from where you will begin finding an intermittent phone signal. Keep the battery powered off, and only use it in cases of emergency. With the exception of two other reduced coverage areas, there will not be a phone signal in the rest of the course. The organization will utilize satellite devices and VHF radios for their communications.
4.04.2019, 22:00
168 km
typ biegu
górski, ultra
punkty UTMB
typ trasy
z punktu A do B
las, górski szlak
poziom trudności
suma przewyższeń
+7470 -7470 m
limit uczestników
pomiar czasu
opłata startowa
460.00 - 702.00 $
limit czasu
47 h
obsługa biegu
punkty odżywcze
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napoje na mecie
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