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Snowndonia Slate Trail Ultra

GB, Bangor

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GPS Tracker to use on the event. Family and spectators can track your progress online
Unique event top worth £40
Finishers medal
On course food, hot drink and water at checkpoints
Event safety cover
You do not have to have completed any qualifying races prior to entry but you MUST be prepared to be in remote locations for long periods and adverse weather and propbably on your own. By entering the race you are stating that you deal with the conditions you will face in Wales in February. You are also stating that you can employ a level head in difficult conditions and not take unnecessary risks. Don't be fooled this event is going to be tough. Snowdonia Slate Trail Ultra - KIT LIST
There will be a kit check before the race starts at 7pm in Bangor. Competitors that don’t have the compulsory kit in their pack will NOT be permitted to start the race.

You will be in Wales in February! You MUST dress appropriately. You must use some commond sense on clothing and prepare for the wind, heavy rain and wintery conditions

Compulsory Kit (Must be carried with you)
Taped seam jacket with hoodd (Highly recommend Gortex or similar NOT lightweight jacket)
Waterproof trousers
Map of the route
Mobile phone with charge to call in an emergency (Not needed to be on)
Head torch you can use for the whole event
Long sleeved top
Sleeping bag or termal sleeping bag liner *
Survival bag (not blanket)
Foil blanket
Food for in between checkpoints
GPS navigation device with GPX of route loaded
GPS tracker (provided by us at registration)**
Comprehensive Medical/first aid kit
Recommended Kit (Carried with you or in drop bag)
Sleep mat
Warm sleeping bag
Watch that can be on for the full duration of the race
Spare socks
Dry bags
Zip lock bags
Running tights/leggings
Buff or similar
Waterproof gloves
Spare trainers/boots
Painkillers and/or anti-inflammatories
Suggested medical kit
Sterile cotton swabs (small) x 4
Blister Plasters (various sizes) x 8
Profoot Moleskin Roll or patches x1
Alcohol/Antiseptic wipes x 6
Leukotape roll x 1
Anti chafe roll or cream
Medium dressing bandage
* This is for safety not so you can sleep.

** There is a £120 charge if you lose your GPS tracker during the event
22.02.2019, 19:00
89 mi
typ biegu
terenowy, ultra
punkty UTMB
typ trasy
pętle (1)
twarda, las, łąka, droga gruntowa
poziom trudności
suma przewyższeń
+5200 -5200 m
limit uczestników
pomiar czasu
opłata startowa
695.00 - 695.00 zł
limit czasu
48 h
obsługa biegu
punkty odżywcze
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