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Salewa Olympus Mythical Trail

Grecja, Litochoro

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The obligatory (mandatory) equipment is consisting of the following 12 items:

1. Backpack > Acceptable any pack that can be fit to the back through two shoulder straps! Τhere is no carrying volume capacity minimum but must be enough to contain the items of mandatory equipment, other than #11 (bib, strap on chest or backpack) and #12 (control card, on the backpack). The starting backpack cannot be replaced during the race by another! One athlete in order to receive the bib (race) number from the secretariat, must present his/her pack in order to get the control card on it!

2. Jacket > waterproof-windproof, as deemed appropriate by the athlete. Preferable with a hood and breathable. Mere plastic jackets, ponchos or bags are not acceptable

3. Shirt > T-shirt, long-sleeved or short-sleeved for use as a spare in the race, if necessary

4. Gloves > light summer gloves, enough for some cold spells while at high altitudes, especially in case of fog

5. Fluid reservoir > soft or hard (bladder, flask, bottle, etc.) athlete's choice, with a minimum capacity of 0.7 liters

6. Telephone > mobile phone that can make calls in Greece!

7. Head torch > During the equipment check on K-69 aid station it is OK if the head-torch batteries will be left with little or no charge

8. Cup > any plastic cup that the athlete deems appropriate can be used to receive fluids at aid stations. Disposable cups as well as hard bottles or bottle lids are acceptable given that their capacity is at least 100ml

9. Bandage > elastic trauma band, to be used in emergencies

10. Survival blanket > the well-known aluminum foil that traps body temperature

11. Race number (bib) > Provided from the organizers and must be worn on a prominent position (chest/backpack)

12. Control card > Will be hooked by the organizers on athlete's backpack. It is used for punching out at the checkpoints to ensure compliance to the race route. Each missing punch hole carries a penalty of one hour.

ATTENTION: The organization will check the mandatory equipment at “Pigadi” Aid Station at the K-61 of the route. For each item missing from the backpack, an (1) hour penalty will be imposed. If the Control Card is missing, a three (3) hour penalty will be imposed.

NOTE: When leaving Koromilia station (K-14), all athletes will be checked for carrying a waterproof jacket. If they do not carry this item they will be stopped and not allowed to continue the race!
04.07.2020, 00:00
106 km
typ biegu
górski, ultra
punkty UTMB
typ trasy
pętle (1)
górski szlak
poziom trudności
bardzo trudny
suma przewyższeń
+6840 -6840 m
limit uczestników
pomiar czasu
opłata startowa
115.00 - 115.00 €
limit czasu
30 h
obsługa biegu
punkty odżywcze
punkty nawadniania
posiłek na mecie
napoje na mecie
pasta party

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Trasa 5,63
szybkość/atrakcyjność 6,00
oznakowanie 6,00
atmosfera 6,00
bezpieczeństwo 5,00
punkty odżywcze 6,00
punkty nawadniania 6,00
toalety 4,00
porządek 6,00
Strefa startu 5,50
zapisy 6,00
opłata startowa 5,00
pakiet startowy 6,00
biuro zawodów 6,00
podział na strefy 5,00
dojazd i parking 6,00
szatnie 5,00
toalety 5,00
Strefa mety 5,25
pomiar czasu 6,00
medal 6,00
napoje 6,00
posiłek 6,00
depozyt 5,00
masaże 4,00
szatnie 4,00
toalety 5,00
Inne 4,50
organizacja 6,00
baza noclegowa 6,00
expo 4,00
biegi towarzyszące 2,00
atrakcje dodatkowe 3,00
web page 5,00
klimat imprezy 6,00
nagrody 4,00


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